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January 2024

5 Impacts of COVID-19 on Supply Chains & Procurement in the UK

In this blog, we discuss 5 impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic on supply chains and procurement for UK businesses as well as how Eurosource can help with these challenges.

Navigating the impacts that COVID-19 has had on supply chains and procurement for UK businesses can be tricky. 

The global pandemic reshaped the business landscape, and the impacts on supply chains and procurement in the UK have been profound. Here are five key transformations that businesses have navigated through:

Supply Chain Disruptions

COVID-19 highlighted the vulnerability of global supply chains and how they affected UK businesses. From factory closures to shipping delays, businesses in the UK faced many disruptions which emphasised the need for resilient and diversified supply networks.

Often the biggest problem for UK businesses is being able to communicate effectively with third party suppliers to prevent these delays and disruptions. At Eurosource, we can help solve this problem by becoming your one point of contact for your procurement and supply chain logistics. We handle every step which allows you to relax while we focus on preventing disruptions and getting your supply chain moving smoothly. 

Digital Acceleration

The pandemic acted as a catalyst for digital transformation. Procurement processes embraced technology-driven solutions, from virtual supplier meetings to the adoption of advanced analytics, enhancing agility and efficiency in operations.

At Eurosource, we help clients in the UK and internationally with procurement and supply chain logistics. Our digital methods allow us to communicate with suppliers internationally ensuring your products arrive quickly and the process is as effective as possible.

Focus on Risk Management

The Pandemic made many businesses reevaluate their risk management strategies. COVID-19 was unpredictable, which highlighted the importance of identifying and mitigating risks within supply chains, prompting a shift towards proactive risk management.

By using a procurement company like Eurosource, you can tick your risk management box as we are specialists in each step of the procurement process. We will ensure that your supply chain logistics are as smooth as possible. 

Importance of Procurement Specialists

One of the biggest takeaways from COVID-19, is it highlighted for businesses owners that procurement specialists are a vital part of making the process as smooth and painless as possible.

At Eurosource we are procurement experts who specialise in ensuring we mitigate any logistical problems that may arise in your supply chain. We have developed an effective system to streamline your procurement and supply chain process.

Strategic Supplier Relationships

After the pandemic, the importance of strong supplier relationships became more evident than ever. Collaborative partnerships and open communication with suppliers became essential, fostering adaptability and ensuring a shared commitment to overcoming challenges.

At Eurosource we take care of supplier relationships for you. We have a network of trusted suppliers with whom we maintain vital relationships for our clients. No more researching new suppliers and attempting to create good relationships for our clients. We handle every step.

As UK businesses continue to navigate this evolving landscape, remember that our expert team at Eurosource is ready to step up and support you and your business with procurement and logistics. 


Mar 2024

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Mar 2024

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Feb 2024

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